Taiwan – Day 1

Day 1 in Taiwan was more like Evening 1.  Having left San Francisco around noon on Friday, we arrived in Taipei on Saturday evening.  First stop was immigration, which surprisingly went smoothly and more quickly than I expected despite the lines. More after the jump.


Everyone at TPE from the customs officials to the baggage handlers to the Taxi captains was very kind and understanding of my limited (read: complete lack of facility with) Chinese.  My friend staying Taiwan met us at the airport and helped shepherd us home before taking us out for dinner.


You can click on the link above for a higher resolution photo to see the detail.  So many lights and, of course, a Porsche reference. 😉

Our first meal in Taiwan was at Din Tai Fung for Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) and many other delectable treats.


The food was amazing and we ate a lot of it.  Unfortunately, we ate a bit too quickly to get many photos (you know, priorities) but I did come up for air to take a shot of the steamed buns we had for dessert: taro, red bean, and black sesame.

Din Tai Fung Steamed Buns

The food was excellent and one of the most interesting things I tried was a dessert of a warm soup made with rice wine and black sesame balls.  I have no idea what it’s called but it was one of the most unusual – and tasty – desserts I have ever had.

After Din Tai Fung, it was time to go back home to sleep.  More on our travels in Taiwan tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Taiwan – Day 1

  1. Welcome to Taiwan! Din Tai Fung is the best place to go for your first meal. I believe that soup you had is called tangyuan. It’s strange, but nice on a cold day.

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    • Thanks, Tyson! I think tangyuan is pretty close to what I had. I may have to go back to Din Tai Fung just to make sure (ha!). Glad to see your blog as well – lots of good info on Taiwan!


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