Reviving the blog for a new adventure – India!

Hi everyone.  My complete lack of attention to this blog is something I’m going to try to make up for as I have embarked on anther international adventure: India!  I’m currently hanging out at Narita airport in Tokyo as I wait for my connection to New Delhi.  I’ll be in Delhi for 2 weeks to attend the wedding of a very dear friend and then spend some time sightseeing before heading home to San Francisco.

The first part of the trip went quite well, thanks to a business class upgrade my brother and his wife gifted to me.  Wow was it nice to stretch out and lie flat!


I think I went a bit overboard on the not-wanting-to-get-bored-on-the-plane side of things since I ended up bringing a bunch of electronics including a laptop, a phone, an iPad, a Kindle, and a PS Vita (yeah, you heard me – I’m in the middle of the Lego Hobbit game, if you don’t mind).

It’s 86°F right now in Narita but supposedly feels like 90°F.  In New Delhi right now it’s 82°F but it supposedly feels like 104°F.  I’m melting in Narita already – if anyone sees a puddle with a US passport in it in the Delhi airport in 11 hours, that’s me.

Assuming I don’t melt completely, I’ll post updates to the blog as I go with the usual pics.  See you soon!

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