Seven Years

It was seven years ago that my life changed irrevocably and for the better. I had planned and prepared for that moment for months leading up to it and when it finally arrived I hoped I had done enough. So, on a very cold winter’s morning in Michigan, I set out in my car for Ann Arbor to adopt the sweetest little girl I ever met before or since: a Standard Poodle I had named Lizzie.


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Japan – Day 12 (The End of the Road)

Day 12 of our trip to Japan dawned and the realization that the 3 weeks of adventures in Asia was soon to come to an end.  Our flight was to leave in the evening but with the transfer time from Roppongi to Narita, some last-minute shopping at the airport, and the necessary 2-hours-ahead-of-departure arrival at the airport, we had to leave in the early afternoon.

One of our group had some last-minute electronics purchases to make so he headed to Shinjuku early in the morning while I and my other cohort stayed in Roppongi.  Here is a view of the Roppongi Hills shopping center from the ground that morning.


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