This is less of an About page as it is a warning to any potential readers.  I recommend you read it so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into.


I’ve set up this blog so that I can share some of my adventures both abroad and closer to home.  There is no major theme to this blog at the moment but there might be at some point as I discover the things I enjoy writing about.  This means my posts may be sporadic and they will very probably be quite random diverse in subject matter.  This site also gives me a chance to try out different ui widgets and css so be aware that not everything will always look good…or work.

About me

I am an engineer.  I graduated from Harvey Mudd College (never heard of it?  look it up) and my career has taken me from the automotive industry to the software industry where I am now.  I’ve lived in different parts of the U.S. as well as in Mexico and Brazil and am now based in the San Francisco bay area.  When I’m not doing the engineering schtick I am the loyal servant and companion of a 7-year-old Standard Poodle named Lizzie.  You’ll meet her in this blog.

What you’ll see on this blog

I’ll be posting about all kinds of things that interest me, which means that the content will vary and at this point there won’t be any logical flow to it.  Topics will be based on anything in which I am already interested or that happens to capture my fancy including:

  • Antiquarian books (yes, I’m a collector)
  • 17th-19th century British Literature (of which I am also a collector)
  • Movies I’m watching (DVD collection so far 2K+ and increasing)
  • Anime I’m watching
  • Manga and Manwha I’m reading
  • Music I’m listening to
  • Life in the Bay Area
  • My travels
  • Mountain biking (I’m learning – baby steps)
  • Cooking and baking
  • Lizzie (of course!)
  • Thoughts on vehicles and auto racing
  • Learnings from being a software engineer
  • My career and all its varied twists and turns (suspension designer to software engineer – it’s been an adventure!)

I may not get to all of these and I’ll probably post about other topics but this should give you an idea of the themes (or lack thereof) you’ll see in this blog.

What you won’t see on this blog

You won’t see anything political and, hopefully, nothing depressing…well, nothing depressing aside from my evolving css skills, bad grammar/spelling, and potentially uninteresting posts. 😉


This site uses a modified version of the WordPress “Hero” theme.

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