Taiwan – Day 10 (Part 1)

We started Day 10 of our trip to Taiwan leisurely listening to the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the rocks of the coastline outside our hotels.  Some of us climbed onto the hotel roof to see the sunrise and experience the day dawning.


We could see the hotel where the guys were staying as it was just next door.


The mountains and the shoreline made for a very picturesque setting for our Day 10 of the trip.  Here is a panorama view from the roof of my hotel.


Once everyone was awake, we met at the guy’s hotel for breakfast.  The B&B had left fresh bread, butter, and marmalade for us and I have to say that it was unusually wonderful.  We hadn’t had butter, let alone a nice crusty textured bread, since our trip began so something that simple really made us all quite happy.


It seems like a very little thing and it’s easy to laugh at this, though truth be told we even surprised ourselves by how much we enjoyed such a simple repast.  We had noticed that most of the foods we had eaten in Taiwan are quite soft and we missed food with crunch and a heartier texture so this real french bread really hit the spot.  We were even able to toast the bread as one of the rooms included a kitchen.


After breakfast we walked down to the sea.


Once there, we were able to climb some rocks to get an even better view of the ocean and of the mountains behind us.


Here is the view I had when I turned 180 degrees from the shot above.


The hotel where I stayed is in the middle of the picture.  Here is a closer view of the ocean-side of the building.


It looks quite imposing but it was actually very nice inside.  Here is the indoor common area:


We also had an outdoor common area we could use.  The architecture of this building is similar to the guys’ hotel next door in that, while the building is cement, the layout is interesting and the rooms are furnished comfortably.


We met up at the guys’ hotel where the 3 remaining scooters were prepared while the rest of us piled into the car.  We couldn’t leave, though, without playing with the hotel proprietor’s puppy.


He was a friendly little guy and it was difficult to say good bye to him but we had to press on and say good-bye Shitiping to head along the coast a bit more before crossing over the mountains and then up to Hualien to catch transport home to Zhubei.  More on that in my next post.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the drive running up to the guys’ hotel – our last view before hitting the road once more.


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